This week has been a big focus on the holiday given retail and it kinda stresses me out. Sunday, I had a holiday meeting and went to work directly after.... Who's Online | Find Members | Private Messages
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Week on Holiday

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11 days ago - Monday 11/6/17 - 11:45:26 PM EST (GMT-5)
This week has been a big focus on the holiday given retail and it kinda stresses me out. Sunday, I had a holiday meeting and went to work directly after. It's a little weird seeing very new employees at the meeting when there are plenty of other employees just as new as they are who aren't there. It makes the division between them a little more real, when they're all new faces to me.

The shift after was absolute insanity- like watching a tsunami form. I had a scare where I thought I lost an expensive piece of equipment in all the chaos but I recovered it. It just takes a little scare like that to stimulate you for the whole day- it might even last me the rest of the year. I sure hope so.

11 days ago - Monday 11/6/17 - 11:48:35 PM EST (GMT-5)
Saturday I read my own tarot. I don't put much weight in it, but I still find it worthwhile anyway. It's just a fun and interesting activity. It might even be an exercise in considering new possibilities in your life.

Plenty of swords, of course. In tarot, generally speaking:
Cups = love
Pentacles = money
Wands = creativity
Swords = agony

Swords being "truth" is the more generous description, because all struggle should reveal truth to us if we look for it, but you could just look at almost any swords card and gauge how miserable that person is.
There's supposed to be some level 10 love going on in my near future, so I guess I will finally get to dispel tarot entirely very soon!

Today I entertained myself with imagining exes and other people I've dated as songs. I have had my share of songs that I've used to get over certain situations:
"The Fray- You Found Me"
11 days ago - Monday 11/6/17 - 11:55:07 PM EST (GMT-5)
Much more recently I've listened to
"Jessie Reyez- Figures"

I think it's an admirable song to relate to. I don't relate to every single lyric, but the general song, oh yeah.

I've also had someone send me:
"A Great Big World - Say Something"

It's interesting that I could track the dates almost exactly based on the rough release dates of the songs. I tried to sing some of them. I thought about how outrageous it would be to release the songs and reveal they were chosen in relation to exes, but not which ones. I wouldn't do it, but I know if I saw a post like that it'd have my interest.
11 days ago - Tuesday 11/7/17 - 1:36:37 AM EST (GMT-5)
I go through phases now and then when I'll mess with tarot cards more as a (psuedo?) psychological tool like inkblots. I'll lay a few cards out and reflect on how I react to them rather than trying to get a "reading". I think it's useful for self exploration.
11 days ago - Tuesday 11/7/17 - 2:16:54 AM EST (GMT-5)
And the only proper retail job I've had was at Lowe's, who's black Friday consists of shop vac sales so thankfully I've never had to deal with a super holiday rush but I imagine it's pretty much sh*t and it sucks you have to deal with it.
11 days ago - Tuesday 11/7/17 - 2:40:18 AM EST (GMT-5)
You can't effectively read your own Tarot - there's too much of 'you' involved.

And retail sucks. During the holidays, it sucks a lot more.

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