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Harry Potter and the YouThinkers

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7 yrs ago - Friday 7/15/11 - 10:04:15 PM EST (GMT-5)
Take 14!
7 yrs ago - Friday 7/15/11 - 10:06:09 PM EST (GMT-5)
Awww. Wish the thread would have died BEFORE the movie came out. Now whenever i see it i'm going to have to dig 13 out to read the spoilers
7 yrs ago - Friday 7/15/11 - 10:07:02 PM EST (GMT-5)
I want to see the movie, maybe tomorrow with my dad if he wants to.

And if we get to pick roles, I'm Neville. The forgetful bumbling student in the first book, not the braver one from later.
7 yrs ago - Friday 7/15/11 - 11:57:01 PM EST (GMT-5)
Oh guys, I loved it, I just loved it.

I went in as a movie viewer, not as a reader. I had been expecting a lot of the changes and differences that lucky mentioned because I frequent harry potter forums and those changes were discussed/ranted about plenty of times, heh. I had heard from a lot of hardcore fans, such as some of you guys and people I know from the HP forums, that they were horribly disappointed by the movie. That worried me.

I didn't have to worry. I loved it. Yes, the beginning bit was rushed (and I drank too much damn coke and had to go to the bathroom during the Gringotts scene), but from the moment Harry re-appeared at Hogwarts, the tears started coming and I kept crying throughout the rest of the movie. Especially when we saw Fred, Tonks and Lupin. And when Snape died. And the ending, oh, the ending. To be continued in my next post.
7 yrs ago - Saturday 7/16/11 - 12:00:02 AM EST (GMT-5)
That ending with the three of them on the platform and the same music they used in Philosopher's Stone (Sorcerer's Stone for all you Americans) just killed me.
Ron and Hermione's kiss was much better than I thought it would be. Molly and Bellatrix scene was awesome.
And finally, the best part of all? I LOVE MINERVA MCGONAGALL. I will continue to proudly display her in my avy. When she said "I've been dying to use that spell" in that cute little-girlish voice, I just clapped and clapped.


The End.
7 yrs ago - Saturday 7/16/11 - 12:06:25 AM EST (GMT-5)
Thank GOD I'm not the only one who loved it!

I also loved her saying that and the giggle. And the way she protected Harry, and was all "nice to see you"

I can't wait to see it again, tbh!
7 yrs ago - Saturday 7/16/11 - 12:14:39 AM EST (GMT-5)
I haven't seen it yet. I worked today, and I'm working tomorrow, so we can't see it till Sunday.
7 yrs ago - Saturday 7/16/11 - 12:40:11 AM EST (GMT-5)
I'm pretty convinced I'll like it a lot better the second time around.
7 yrs ago - Saturday 7/16/11 - 9:47:41 AM EST (GMT-5)
The books petered out for me after Goblet of Fire, but reading this thread (spoilers included) make me want to go back and give it another go. Maybe I just rushed too much to get through the subsequent books, and managed to miss the whole FEEL of them, of the setting she's created, which is what I loved about the others. Sigh. I think I'll pick them up again.
7 yrs ago - Saturday 7/16/11 - 9:47:54 AM EST (GMT-5)
7 yrs ago - Saturday 7/16/11 - 12:06:49 PM EST (GMT-5)
9 hours and 4 minutes to go for me!

(one of the kids at my work got to see HPATDH P 2 Wednesday. Needless to say I was jealous.)
7 yrs ago - Saturday 7/16/11 - 10:43:37 PM EST (GMT-5)
When I’m 80 years old and sitting in my rocking chair, I’ll be reading Harry Potter. And my family will say to me, “After all this time?” And I will say, “Always.”
-Alan Rickman.
I just had to share that because I thought it was super cute and I have a big old crush on Alan Rickman.


7 yrs ago - Saturday 7/16/11 - 11:26:38 PM EST (GMT-5)
LMAO, where did you get those???
7 yrs ago - Saturday 7/16/11 - 11:26:55 PM EST (GMT-5)
P.S. Alan Rickman is frickin' fantastic....
7 yrs ago - Sunday 7/17/11 - 12:00:50 AM EST (GMT-5)
tumblr, haha
tons of random hp stuff on there!
7 yrs ago - Sunday 7/17/11 - 12:04:48 AM EST (GMT-5)
I liked it a lot. I'm not a fanatic so I didn't mind changes from the novel as much as some.

I have a bit of an empty feeling knowing there will be no more though
7 yrs ago - Sunday 7/17/11 - 10:07:46 AM EST (GMT-5)
Damn, I love Neville's smirk on that last one!
7 yrs ago - Sunday 7/17/11 - 11:11:38 AM EST (GMT-5)
I want to watch it again, i enjoy the movies a second time round, after i've done my steam-blowing about the book business.

I just don't want to pay ridiculous amounts for the cinema again...
7 yrs ago - Sunday 7/17/11 - 11:46:44 AM EST (GMT-5)

7 yrs ago - Sunday 7/17/11 - 11:49:50 AM EST (GMT-5)
Good lord he's gorgeous!
7 yrs ago - Sunday 7/17/11 - 12:03:27 PM EST (GMT-5)
*SOB* You can see Rupert crying here!

7 yrs ago - Sunday 7/17/11 - 12:10:47 PM EST (GMT-5)
I can't even imagine how sad they all must have been after filming wrapped.

(Also, it dawned on me yesterday. 7 books for 7 horcruxes )
7 yrs ago - Sunday 7/17/11 - 12:24:10 PM EST (GMT-5)
I expect to see him rocking a cane in that picture for some reason.
7 yrs ago - Sunday 7/17/11 - 1:16:02 PM EST (GMT-5)
I totally LOL'd at the Neville/laid thing. Hilarious.
7 yrs ago - Sunday 7/17/11 - 1:27:56 PM EST (GMT-5)
I'm going to see DH again on Wednesday, fully expecting to enjoy it even more this time now that I'm prepared not to be disappointed (from my responses in here it makes it sound like I hated it, but I didn't haha).

Totally drooling over Neville.

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