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This Is All
Is this all that there is?

Is this really all that I can do? Really all that is possible? Its sad, I think. No. Its sad, I know. My hair slicked back, from as much hair gel that I could steal from my brother without him noticing. Crouching. Bending my knees ever so slightly, to cut off my field of vision in the mirror, from anything under my collar bones. Wearing a large hoodie. Large enought that I could most likely succsessfully use it as a blanket. Is this who I am now? A wannabe? I let my eyes drop to my chest, and frowned, then released my tightened muscles, to allow myself to see the whole of my reflection. I let my gaze drop even more. Now, down to my wrists. Wrist would be too noticable. My eyes jumped to my outer thigh. Perfect. For now.

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