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Tuning: Ford Fiesta Montune only for England
Tuning: Ford Fiesta Montune only for England

He had already announced that the ST variant of the new generation Fiesta would be stopped due to the current economic situation. Ford through its British division has released version of its small Montune Party is nothing more than the collaboration of the manufacturer with a house for preparations of the British Isles Montune name.

The Ford Fiesta Montune uses the 1.6-liter gasoline brought up to 140hp and 170Nm of torque, the kit includes new wheels and aesthetic elements that allow you to differentiate themselves from the less enhanced version. While this variant is not as extreme as a Renault Clio RS will satisfy the demanding momentarily British consumers.

The Fiesta will be built in Mexico for marketing in North America, certainly when the time of its release in America, preparers of our northern neighbor will be responsible to do the same to keep up in this exciting segment pocket rockets .

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