McLaren Hamann MP4-12C Memor: a colorful piece of art 
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McLaren Hamann MP4-12C Memor: a colorful piece of
McLaren Hamann MP4-12C Memor: a colorful piece of art

Soon the Porsches, Ferraris and brightly colored Lamboghinis be consigned by McLaren "MEMORY", a special version of paint Hamann MP4-12C tested in the model. In this case, the sum preparer characteristic features of McLaren F1 that won Le Mans in 1995, transforming the new front fenders and fascia vents. LED lights and front spoiler carbon tops look of this special model.

The new accessories installed on the doors form a visual and aerodynamic link between the axles to which larger air inlets on the sides add up. The rear wing by the avant-garde three exhaust outlets, give it an imposing to "MEMORY" look.

During the complex process of modification, the engineers paid particular attention to the "MEMORY" retain a low weight. To achieve this, Hamann used carbon fiber, the same material used by McLaren in the construction of the chassis and body MP4-12C. To improve the overall look, ultralight installed Hamann 21-inch wheels on both axles.

Inside the "MEMORY" was "improved" allowing you to choose between a sporty style, one adventurer and one simple and elegant, using carbon fiber, wood, leather or Alcantara, according to customer's request.

The standard McLaren MP4-12C price is € 95,000 plus tax.

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