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The Son
Go forth.

The row of corpses sat smiling

Beams of sun falling through the roof

He paces, sweat dripping from him

Birds call out in the distance

His clothes hang off in rags

He wipes sweat off his forehead

Dried blood smears

"Hear me!"

The dead listen

His arms fling wildly as he shouts

His madness echoes off the burnt walls

Rambling words

References of love and faith

Eyes wide and darting rapidly

A crescendo builds


He holds his hands out as the words spill to a stop

Several moments of silence

Then clapping

Yells of admiration

The dead speak

He grins

Blood drips from his mouth

The noise ends abruptly

His eyes search the darkness

He sits

Wrings his hands


He waits

The dead watch

Any minute

They promised

He would take their word and spread it

In return the gods would take it back

Take it all back

The fire

The storm

The end

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