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shadow reborn/ part 4
the fan-fictional story continues!

after they all left, i went through every memory i now had. things were still missing, but they now might come to me. i sat up and looked at the walls. blank. like how my mind used to be. i realized something, what was there to prove? why did i want all my memories? no, there had to be a reason, not that i just wanted them.

i got up and walked to the mouth of the cave. it had stopped raining. i left the cave, but that is when i felt something... my body. i looked down, my hands, had claws! i looked behind me, my tail was growing longer. i ran to a pound close by and looked in the water. my eyes, where white was, there was now black. i looked like a darkling, just like my memories. as my body continued to change, it hurt, but it was a good kind of hurt. my tail now had a spike like eclipse, i took off my gloves, socks, and shoes. i now had 2 toed feet, and my red stripes were cheveron. i even though different. i felt instincts.

i walked through the forest admiring my new self, then a wild rabbit hopped by. i felt a sudden urge... i began to stalk it, then when i was in position, i leaped into the air. with deadly accuracy, i landed on the rabbit and sank my claws in it. then i promptly ate it. "wow, even my hunting has improved." after i finished, i licked my lips and headed off to knothole to show my friends.

i arrived at knothole at noon. i knocked on sonic's door, his uncle, Chuck, answered. " may i see sonic please?" he looked at me, he looked like he had seen a ghost. he left the door, i could hear the freedom fighters talking in the underground lab, a plus. " um, sonic?" chuck asked, "there is someone at the door for you..." he leaned back and looked out the door again. " it looks like a alien." sonic came lightning quick. "Shadow!?!" he yelled. "yes... and your point is?" i replied. "how did this happen?" he asked. " i don't know, i was walking out of the cave when it happened. i just... changed." "come inside, let's get to the bottom of this."

"well it is not magic," rotor said. "but it couldn't just happen." sally looked at shadow, "is there anything in your new memory that can tell us anything?" i though for a moment. "well, mephiles can shape shift, maybe i can too. maybe if i concentrate..." i though of my tail shrinking, and my features returning to normal. i heard everyone gasp. i looked at my body, i had turned back to my former self. "extraordinary." rotor and antione said at the same time. "how did you do that?" tails asked. "i just thought of myself. now that i think about it, i was thinking of my memories when i first shape shifted." "well what ever it was, it was way past cool." sonic said. " and this gives me a clue to how to find my home." shadow said, "let us pay a visit to professor pickle."

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