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Pi to Ride
A short story about a trip to the Beach Boardwalk and the number Pi.

The Giant Dipper is a classic roller coaster. Yes, there are rides that are faster, more exciting, and cheaper. Yes, it's been around for almost 100 years. But it's an amazing ride, worth the long lines you'll endure in the summer, and waiting even longer to get to sit in the front row is a wise investment as well.

I was 10 at the time, as I stood in line for the Dipper with my younger brother and my mom. "Whoever can guess the number I'm thinking of gets to ride up front with me!" my mom said, cheerful as she often was.

"I'm thinking of a number between three and four," my mom said.

"Pi!" my nerdy brother chuckled.

"Right!" my mom replied.

Frustrated, I had come to accept that I wasn't as "math-oriented" as my brother or most of my family. Sure, I'd make it through Algebra 2/Trig with an A in high school, and take finite math and statistics courses in college and graduate school, but that moment is still with me. The moment when I realized that I was not as mathematically inclined as the rest of my family.

I mean, hell, what seven year old thinks of the number when someone says "pi"? Even at 10, pi isn't something kids use in math. When I was 10, math mostly consisted of multiplying two three-digit numbers by hand and some extremely easy probability sections that I always looked forward to.

This is my slice of life. My pi slice of life.

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